Finding the right DJ controller can be a tedious thing, especially if you are a beginner DJ and have never owned one before. We created this website with the intention to help all DJs at any skill level find the best yet affordable DJ controllers on the market. We’ve put together large comparison charts and DJ controller reviews based off of both Amazon’s best-selling DJ controllers plus our own first-hand experiences. Our goal is to help you narrow down your search to find the best DJ controller that is right for you.

How We Determine The Best DJ Controller

  1.  First, we look for the DJ controllers on Amazon that have consistently received the highest ratings. We closely analyze what customers have to say in their reviews and see which controllers have the best overall value.
  2. Next, we review the details of each product and discuss the pros and cons of each DJ controller.
  3. Finally, we create our Comparison Chart that let you easily compare every DJ Controller we’ve ever reviewed.

What Does a Great DJ Controller Have to Offer?

A great DJ controller will have a great combination of ease of use, portability, a great amount of features, flexibility, and control over your mix. A high quality DJ controller should let you mix music easily and efficiently and should have basic features such as low, mid and high knobs, filter knobs, 2 or more jog wheels, and multiple faders and crossfaders.

Let Us Help You Do Your Research

Before rushing out and buying any old DJ controller, head over and check out our 2016 Comparison Chart.

This chart will let you easily help you save time and money by comparing DJ controllers and best-sellers from Amazon.com, no matter what your budget is.

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